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The future in the management of entrances and drinks in the disco


Always at hand Features

The project solves the basic problems of venue management during an evening.

This will make both work and fun easier and more carefree.


Nominal enrollment verified by SMS allows possible troublemakers to be identified and banned at the door. In addition, the dynamic QRCode prevents any kind of profile counterfeiting.

No mandatory hardware on loan

The solution does not require any special hardware (with drink cards to be punched and their readers) in fact ordinary Android or Microsoft phones or tablets can be used.

Disputes and/or loss of the drink card

The use of this system allows you to monitor in real time the charge of drinks on your cell phone during the evening, but it is still verifiable by the staff even if your cell phone is lost, or is discharged (without having to charge, as in the case of the lost drink card, any additional cost).

queue optimization

The system succeeds in avoiding queues at exit checkouts through the use of online credit card payment, conveniently, quickly and securely from your smartphone.

Input monitoring

Through an easy-to-read graphical interface, it will be possible to accurately and in real time determine the number of people in the venue and the incoming flow, including the percentage between men and women.


The App already includes the implementation of green pass verification within it, should it become mandatory again to enter the premises, without having to show it. The profile becomes active only in case of a valid Green Pass.

Monitoring consumption

The same dynamic QR-Code in the profile also manages the wardrobe without having to hand over any paper cards that could be misplaced.

Monitoring Evening

In the same dashboard it will be possible to have a "Performance" indicator of the evening with a weighted average that takes into account real-time attendance, consumptions, ratio of admissions to consumptions, and average stay.


The same dynamic QR-Code in the profile also manages the wardrobe without having to hand over any paper cards that could be misplaced.

Reception customization

The system succeeds in avoiding queues at exit checkouts through the use of online credit card payment, conveniently, quickly and securely from your smartphone.

Push Notifications in App

Push notifications may be sent during the evening to promote drinks or bottles to tables to encourage ordering.

Management of orders

Waiters at the tables i will be able to automatically send the order to the galley with its automatic stock unloading.

Cost/Benefit Ratio

42NIGHT is available for download from the Apple Store (IOS) and the Play Store (Android).

These are just some of the benefits you can have by using our system, but many more things will be implemented soon to make your venue experience unique and aggregating. What we do is not selling solutions, but EMOTIONS.

42night's mission


42NIGHT is an innovative app that enables to:
– delete the old drink card
– increase security
– Prevent disputes and/or fraud
– managing the queue at the entrance
– reduce things at the exit
– Significantly increase the venue’s profits


By using 42NIGHT, customers will be able to sign up, thus creating your venue’s community, and by simply using their phone they will be able to access all services such as: entrance / checkroom / bar / cashiers / exit.
The manager also will have the ability to manage the evening and the community with innovative tools but in an easy and intuitive way.


42NIGHT generates a dynamic QR Code, which therefore cannot be counterfeited or “stolen.” It requires no data connection, but unambiguously identifies the client who can then use it to access all services. Even if the phone is lost or broken, the operator is always able to trace the customer’s open account by charging only what is due, avoiding the problems that were associated with lost drink cards.

The people behind the project About Us

Enrico Giuriolo


Enrico Giuriolo, born in Padua in 1969, graduated in engineering in 1996 and founded SGI Servizi Informatici in 1999, a company specializing in information technology and computer engineering (www.sgiservizi.net). It has more than 20 years of experience in the conception, design, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software solutions for businesses in general and the luxury hospitality market in particular. Outsourced IT consultant, decision maker, and project manager for private and public companies requiring state-of-the-art analysis and development of integrated technology solutions to improve business efficiency.

Enrico Guidi

Commercial marketing and communication manager

Enrico Guidi, born in 1967, has always been involved in technology after studying architecture. An entrepreneur and IT consultant, founder and CEO of several companies both in Italy and abroad, he has collected numerous international experiences and collaborations. He has held the position of export manager for one of the leading manufacturers of numerical control machines in the jewelry and eyewear industry for many years. In addition to his primary role as technical salesman, he is involved in training, promotion, and communication. and optimization of technological processes related to production and services. His analytical skills together with a strong visionary bent enable him to devise innovative solutions in any field. This creative spirit also led him into other multiple activities as a musician, painter, designer and writer.

Dario Furlan


Furlan Dario was born in Padua in 2000. A passion for computer science soon became a subject of study from high school through to a college career in Computer Science at the University of Padua. In his university career, he participated with great success in research projects for the development of AI Algorithms and smart-contract in blockchain technology. Multiple international extracurricular experiences have helped him gain experience in many fields including: Mobile App development, Serverless Cloud Technologies, Backend, Frontend, SQL / NoSQL Databases. It is actively involved in analyzing and breaking down any necessary requirements and designing and developing the best technological solution.

Learn more FAQ

The cost is by monthly subscription plus a fee related to the number of admissions per evening. Payment is made the day after the service is provided and is therefore covered by the venue’s collection(write to us for more information)

The App has no limitation in functionality in the evening. All functions are guaranteed: Guest registration, admission, consumption, table management, checkroom, security, account management, exit, table reservation, etc.

As previously highlighted, all data are available to the Manager to be able to extract all kinds of information and carry out their own advertising campaigns, promotions or invitations (e.g. for birthdays). However, if you do not have the technical expertise or an in-house facility to do this type of action, 42night offers an optional service, not included in the basic fee, that is easy to use and time-saving. In fact, with just a few clicks, you can prepare targeted campaigns using multiple filters (gender, age, loyalty, etc.) with which to generate and send your content (Email, social, or SMS) automatically. The cost of this service will be visible in advance and commensurate with the actual use of the required resources (Email number, SMS, Post, etc.): an integrated CRM system at your disposal!

No. The Manager will be accredited to set up all stations: Registration -Enter – Security – Bar – Cloakroom – Tables – Cashier (unlimited)

The Manager (or whoever has received authorization) will be able to search the account by first name, last name, or email entered and see (even remotely) the status of the open account.

The QR-Code is dynamic and therefore it is impossible to “steal” it. Attempting to make multiple entries with different emails is also intercepted by an AI algorithm that reports the attempt to the Manager, who can then ban the individual while also preventing him or her from any future access.

Each “Workstation” can use PC, Android or IOS devices however, for reliability reasons, we suggest tablet PCs (such as Microsoft Surface) for Bars and Crates, while all other functions can be performed safely with ordinary latest generation smartphones (also owned).

Once the Manager has received the enablement, he can personally proceed with the configuration of his room assigning to each individual user the relevant functions by enabling the credentials.He can use PC, Android or IOS devices however, for reliability reasons, we suggest tablet PCs (such as Microsoft Surface) for Bars and Crates, while all other functions can be performed quietly with normal latest generation smartphones (even owned).

Yes. If the venue would like to appear with its name within the Stores (Andrioid and IOS) we can offer this service at an extra cost.

No. The connection is only needed when installing the app, but it is not required to place orders inside or to get the balance at checkout. Instead, it is necessary for the venue to have an active Internet connection to access all services in real time.

The App has an online help that automatically responds to normal needs and doubts during both use and installation.

Yes. The Manager has the ability to grant entries with VIP accounts in cases where he deems it appropriate.

Certainly. We are in the process of selecting possible partnerships. Write us to receive a visit from one of our representatives and submit your application to become an official Promoter or Partner and participate with us in the success of our solution.

Certainly. Activation of the service is subject only to payment of a monthly fee and renewable only if the App is used.

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